Monday, August 8, 2016

The Way Home

It's sooooooooooo hot. The agony is real. The heat feels as though our faces may burn off... And yet the world seems to go about as if this is the way it always has been. As if there is nowhere that one can go that is cool, breezy, and situated conveniently to the North.

Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire... We miss you. 

Decidedly over it, Mark got to the business of typing really fast and searching for higher ground and cooler weather.

His notes on the subject looked like this:

Mountain Town
Temperatures between 60 and 85
River Access (for tubing)
Wine Store
Butcher Shop
Campfire Magic

Verona, VA
Boone, NC

Welcome to Boone. 

Boone, North Carolina, is a town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is home to Appalachian State University and is named after Daniel Boone. More importantly, its crispy, cool air makes for great camping. 

Get outside, kids. 


Our campsite was located next to a "babbling brook," as Andrew calls it, that made our two little explorers very happy. And muddy. 





There are probably a lot of things to do in Boone... But most of Mark's time was spent fighting off a cold that he of course blamed on the Amish buffet two days before. 

Occasionally, he would venture out of the bedroom, wipe his brow, and demand food. In these few short hours between his fatigue induced narcoleptic cycles, our family was allowed to explore the town. 

Mark's outing Day 1: BBQ at The Pedlin' Pig. Yummy. 


Mark's outing Day 2: A drive around the local Go Kart track. Vroom. 



This worker volunteered to ride on Max's cart since Max couldn't reach the pedals. So kind, but it turned out to be a long 5 minutes for the man. He came away from the track grimacing and clutching his left arm. Go Kart Cramps are the worst. 


Mark's outing Day 3: Burgers at the favorite local burger joint, the Come Back Shack. Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese Burger with Buffalo Blue Cheese fries. Yes. 



In short, 3 of the 4 Royans enjoyed their time in Boone. The 4th spent his time looking generally unwell and asking April, "Do I look OK?"

Sure, Mark, you look great. 


On day four, Mark emerged with a renewed zest for life and a GPS pointed toward Townsend, Tennesee. Finally, he actually looked OK. Turns out, he just really wanted to get some reading done without too many interruptions. The man really enjoys some Clive Cussler!

The Big Meadow Family Campground greeted us with a splash pad, a pirate playground, and cable. The luxury! 




There is a lot of nature to explore in Townsend, but Andrew made it clear that he didn't give two licks about river tubing or Cade's Cove - he wanted to go to the Pigeon Forge Hollywood Wax Museum. 



Max had tea with Audrey and sang with Dolly and Taylor. 



Max then insisted that we visit the neighboring MagiQuest for some additional air conditioned and overpriced fun. 

MagiQuest is an absolute dream destination for the super nerdy. If you're the sort who enjoys dressing up like a wizard and believes that magic wands are real: this is the place for you!

There was an intensive 15 minute training session to make sure we could safely operate our "wands" during which Andrew broke a table. Our wizard training master broke from his faux-British accent to say "That's alright, that breaks all the time, y'all." 

We got to pick Magi names though, so it was totally worth the $19.99 and the hour of our lives we will never get back. 



The kids loved it - as they randomly waved their wands at anything in sight that would open or light up. They ignored the "error" warnings telling them that "this magic element is not available until you have first slayed the dragon of MagiVille."  


One of the adults our family thought that random wand waving was just fine, for it seemed somewhat silly to follow the 38 page instruction book with a 4 and 7 year old. 

Another one of the adults insisted that we "play to win or don't play at all." In fact, he is still insisting that the family refer to him strictly by his Magi name, "Excelsior." 


Wellllll at least he's feeling better and back to his old self :) 

All was not lost at MagiQuest, however, as the price of admission also includes black light mini golf (got through 3 of the 18 holes) and a cool laser maze room thingy. Max nailed the laser maze, as he's small enough to simply crawl along the floor. The adults were less coordinated. 


Having spent all of our "tourist trap" money, we forged ahead through many a green mountain until we arrived in the sweet Southern State of Georgia to see Mark's Great Aunt Shelia and Uncle Charlie. We've somehow missed these fine folks on our adventures during previous trips. Let us tell you: THAT will not be happening again! These two are great cooks, great pool volleyball players, and great hosts! They're just a whole lot of fun!

Let it be known that although they have a few years on us, it sure doesn't show. They creamed us in pool volleyball. We were able to battle back in Dominoes, though!

Bellies full and exhausted from trying to keep up with this wild pair, it was time to finally head back
to Florida.

Florida = very rainy. But that didn't stop us from visiting Mark's family in Lakeland for the afternoon. They boys love time with their cousin and they were happy to rock a Lego set during an otherwise rainy day.

Finally, we capped off our trip with the winners of our Royan Vehicle Blog contest, the Dees Family of Tampa, Florida.

The most loyal readers, followers and comment-makers that our family of RV gypsies could ever ask for, this crew really knows how to appreciate a blog. We showed our appreciation by allowing our children to wreak havoc on their home as they cooked us a delicious spaghetti dinner.

Hey, we're TIRED! We just drove across the country!

Honestly, though, the trip to the Dees house was the perfect ending to our Summer 2016 family adventure.  Until next year, America!

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