Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Knot Fort Knox

As we packed up the 5th wheel to head out of the Rockland area, Andrew decended from his bunk with a black eye. How? Why? Don't know. But Andrew placed the blame squarely on the viscous biting black fly that attacked him at the "babbling brook" in the campground the night before. When he was jokingly questioned about whether or not he would like to continue exploring America he answered "I'm as patriotic as the next guy, but this is getting ridiculous."


So the kid can't see out of one eye and wants to go home. Understandable, but not going to happen. We convinced him to give American sightseeing another chance by visiting Fort Knox.'s not THE Fort Knox... But it's named after the same dude and it's a fort. So, IF you were traveling with two young kids and they were restless and it was raining... you might just call it THE Fort Knox for entertainment purposes. 



The kid with the black eye that loves to look down the barrel of a cannons is ours, everyone. We are really wonderful parents, we promise. 




Sharing a parking lot with Fort Knox is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory. Big, long name. Big bridge. Big observatory up top. As Max so adorably pointed out, even taller than the "Statue of Liberty."




Could the sky be any more ominous? Sheesh! Dreary weary. Not even the random signage in the parking lot could make us want to stay any longer... But doesn't it make the camper look spiffy?  

Vision. Innovation. Jayco. 

Dear Jayco, 
If you want to use that genius marketing snippet, just have your people call our people. 



Max prefers his vision and innovation to come in the form of new Puffs flavors, not parking lot signage. Snack away, Maxer, we're heading to sunny Bar Harbor! 

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