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DAY 17 : SUNday, JULY 2, 2012 THROUGH Day 24: Monday, July 9, 2012
Lake it up, baby, now

It’s our favorite summertime stop – the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s was Max’s first visit, so he was pumped.

The rest of us attempted to be a little less snoozy than Max and quickly settled in to the boat, swim, drink, eat, boat, swim, drink, eat routine.  

Andrew spent the majority of his time asking for S’mores. And on the 4th of July, S’mores he did get. Then he got a bath. Sticky. 

The 5th of July, more commonly know internationally as "April's 33rd birthday," was celebrated with an Oreo/pudding/whipped cream concoction with train candles. This selection may have been influenced heavily by a certain 3-year-old. 

A day at the outlet mall produced matching pajamas! Awww cute! 

There were hours spent fishing with Grandpa and Dad...

And then there was a fish... also known as lunch (This despite April's pleas not to kill it. Andrew chimed in with "Don't kill it Dad, just take the meat off and throw it back in.").

Good times were had by all... well all except maybe April's parents who were once again amazing hosts to our exhausting family.  All the babysitting,diapers, baths, laundry, meals, dishes, and general clutter of a couple of kids around the house had us worried about our invite back next year? 

DAY 25: Tuesday, JULY 10, 2012
Leaving the Lakey Lake

We headed out of Missouri and pointed the rig South to see what we could find to entertain ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Luckily we found ourselves at Lambert's so that the boys could learn the finer points of throwing bread through the air and at each other.

We drove and drove and drove and ended up at the lovely Woolly Hollow State Park in Greenbrier, Arkansas. It was like camping in the Fall – leaves falling all around us and nice cool air. Mark busied himself with looking pleased...

... before he and Andrew went for a bike ride and Max helped April whip up a delicious dinner – Fettuccini Alfredo.  It was Max's first Fettucini, and he wore it well. Yummy! 

DAY 26: Wednesday, JULY 11, 2012
on a roll here in little rock

well i know i’ve disappeared a time or two

and along the way i lost me and you

i need a town for my new start

selling vcrs in arkansas at a walmart

We were on a roll in Little Rock to the Museum of Discovery/Donald W. Reynolds Science Center. We did NOT visit the Clinton Presidential Center next door but we did take advantage of their very large parking lot. 


After such a science-a-riffic adventure we grabbed lunch at the Flying Fish.

Still hungry, Mark brought RV to a screeching halt for this Amish country store. He found himself some sweet apple pie pockets and devoured them feverishly. 

Finally we were off to Lake Chicot State Park to make camp for the night. 

Max devoured his new-found real people food as Andrew went about with two of his most common activities: "eating" and "being a Gorilla"

Mark: "Andrew, would you like some more Mac and Cheese?"

Andrew [in a robot voice]: "I'm a Gorilla" [flails arms and beats chest wildly] "I'm a Gorilla"

Mark: "Are you still hungry?"

Andrew [continues robot voice]: "I'm a Gorilla. I'm a Gorilla" [more arm flailing]

Mark: "How about a banana then?"

DAY 27: Thursday, JULY 12, 2012
Jackson sans ottos

Jackson, MS used to be our favorite stop until our best buds the Ottos moved to Florida to be closer to us. Or maybe they moved to Florida for Dr. Otto’s amazing career opportunity? No – we’re pretty sure it was for us.
Anywho – they aren’t in Jackson anymore but we attempted to slay this city on our own with fine blend of Otto knowledge and Google.
We hit the old Fresh Market and breakfast café, Another Broken Egg. Then rain descended upon us and we headed to make camp at Lefleur’s Bluff State Park.
Lefleur’s Bluff State Park is full of stuff to do. One might attempt to load their kids on to the back of the bikes and check out all the activities. In the heat of said excitement, one may continue along their bike ride even as the rain starts up again – or as it went from a sprinkle to a downpour. Mid-forest bike path, as the lightning and thunder began to strike in the nearby vicinity, one might decided they were having a little too much fun riding in the rain and be forced to head back in the now life threatening storm.  Self preservation: what a day killer.
Back at RV we bathed the shivering babes and fired up the grill for steaks by Mark.  While the coals were doing their thing Mark sent April outside to keep an eye on things with this sage Eagle Scout advice: "We are right at the edge of the lake - so do NOT get spacey. A gator could come up any minute and bite your hand off. Take this oven mitt. I'm serious - take it. It may save your life, or at least your digits. And let me know if the grill flares up." 


A gator did not eat us and we enjoyed our delicious steaks and went to bed.  Big day in Jackson tomorrow! 

DAY 28: friday, JULY 13, 2012
woof woofs and meow meows

We really feel silly posting anything but “Happy Birthday Megan!” However – in Jackson, MS life does go on. 

Today it continued to rain, as Andrew says: “Woof woofs and meow meows.”

We extended our stay at Lefleur’s Bluff State Park and headed off to the two museums and one playground on site. Perfect for a rainy day!

First stop – the short but dino-sweet Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.  Roar.

Next, a stop at the mega-playground.
Hungry, we headed for Cock Of The Walk for the best sweet tea and fried chicken money can buy. Andrew slept through whole meal but Max was cool with that – he swiped all his fries. 

Finally, we saved the best for last, the Mississippi Children’s Museum.  We have been to a lot of these places – but this one was the jam.


We took our two tired babes back to camp for early bedtime while Mark grilled up some chops.  Big day.

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