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Day 8: Saturday, June 23, 2012


Since much of Colorado is literally burning to the ground and the forecast for this weekend in Denver is over 100 degrees, we extended our rental car reservation and pointed it up to the mountain tops of beautiful Breckenridge. Cool weather, a massive outdoor sport culture, and plenty of fit, beautiful people greeted us. We were informed upon check in that the hotel has no air conditioning. Being from Florida we consider this blasphemy, and wondered if Lucifer himself owned the hotel. We would later find out that nobody in Breck has A/C and you actually don't need it in this little patch of heaven.

On an evening stroll we made friends with some locals who gave us killer restaurant and watering hole recommendations. They were obviously fresh off a solid Breck happy hour so the advice poured out as Mark furiously scribbled them down so we wouldn't miss all the terrific meal opportunities.  We dined at one of the local hot spots immediately and Andrew left covered in Alfredo sauce, Max covered in Bolognese. Both also had a serious case of carb sleepies which meant Mom and Dad got to watch another TV show when they got back to the hotel. 


We sacked out, windows open, with views of the Rockies from our pillows.

Day 9: Sunday, June 24, 2012

All About Town

The kids awoke at an eye-scratching 4:45am to sun pouring in the windows (Oh, right, that's the down side to sleeping with the windows open).  After Andrew chomped on a dozen-or-so pieces of hotel breakfast bacon, we rode the Breckenridge Gondola high above town to get our bearings.  So beautiful, so green, and so cold! Love it!  

Once back down, we hiked up again. Andrew scaled his first "mountain!"

Near the base of our hike was the Rotary Snow Plow Park - some trains and  a train museum made our little train lover very happy!



Finally, dinner at Twist - a twist on traditional comfort food - yum!

Yeah - those are pork shoulder tacos with mango salsa and goat cheese and garlic mac.

Day 10: Monday, June 25, 2012

Breckenridge Fun Park

High above this mountain town is an impressive "amazement park" (as Andrew calls all amusement parks) full of adventure.  We overheard an older couple mention that it was on their "bucket list" to tackle the Breckenridge Fun Park, and we felt pretty blessed to do so with our little boys.  


Andrew panning for gold: 

Mark on the rock wall: 

Hiking up to some remaining snow - Andrew's first snow!

Andrew was scared to ride this pony until he learned his name was "Ghost." A big fan of "Casper the Friendly Ghost" he decided to give it a go - and loved it! 

Once Mark's toes got too cold on the snow in his weird-ass toe shoes, we headed back down to town covered in dirt from head to toe.  The boy's bath water was literally brown when we toweled them off, fed them room service grilled cheese, and put them to bed.  Best day ever.  

Day 11: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's a Bear in the Cave

The Breckenridge folk were dancing in the street for the downpour today - as the town is a little dry (like most of Colorado, it seems).  We took the cold, rainy weather as a sign to head indoors to the adorable Mountain Top Children's Museum.  What we liked most about it was that Andrew kept saying he was a bear in a cave.  Hahaha.


Max played hard and then sacked out right in the middle of the toddler section.

Andrew played "Pirate Doctor" in the "Ski Patrol Rescue Center" - here he's taking his pirate temperature:

All this fun rustled up an appetite and we found ourselves eating turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce (and avacado and cream cheese) - something that was pounded into April's head by her old college roomie Amy McCullough as the most delicious thing since, well, just sliced bread.  

Pretty sure we could get used to this place! 

Day 12: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not everything is cold in Breckenridge 

Morning found us headed out for a hike to see wild flowers - most of which seem to be dead because of the 80 degree "heat wave" - but it was fun just the same.  


Once back in town, we rocked the Breckenridge laundromat before checking out he Red, White, and Blue Fire Museum/Fire Station.  Yeah, the trucks are cool, but April was most impressed, of course, with the firemen.  Not everything is cold in Breckenridge :) 

April reluctantly left the fire station and we went home to pack up our room to head back down to Denver tomorrow in hopes of picking up the RV! 

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