Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pedal To The Metal

Day 8: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pedal To The Metal

Up at at 'em in Townsend, TN, Mark and Andrew went for an early morning bike ride through the town and came upon a Pottery Fair. Andrew decided at that moment that he wanted to "make pottery" as well. The boys headed back to the RV to pick up April and arrived at the fair with great expectations. The lady at the children's pottery tent remembered Andrew and invited him over to play with some clay. By this point, however, he had decided he no longer wanted to "make pottery," instead he wanted to "make lunch." So he ate the clay. Ah, so much for the window of opportunity.

A quick salad at our favorite place, Miss Lily's Cafe, and we were on the road again. Destination: Andrew's buddy Jake in Noblesville, IN.

The 400 miles between Townsend and Noblesville was some "pedal-to-the-medal" driving with a stop at the always posh Kentucky Horse Park campground for the night in-between. Make no mistake about it, Andrew wasn't letting this rig stop until he got to Jakes house and, more specifically, his collection of Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

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