Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gulf Coast Museum Fest

Day 25:Wednesday, June 22, 2011 and Day 26: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gulf Coast Museum Fest

Needless to say we were up and at them in time to get to the local children’s museum, the Lynn Meadow’s Discovery Center, just as it opened. An amazingly fun, air conditioned, kid-exhausting dream come true, we were certain we had found parent paradise. Then 10am hit – and Summer Camp started. What seemed like thousands of sweaty 8-10 year olds swarmed over the otherwise serene environment. Soon Andrew was being forced out of train cars, airplane cockpits, grocery stories and taco stands (all toddler sized, of course) by screaming, manic children. Like Brian Urlacher, Mark defended our little man the best he could, but soon we retreated to the calm joys of the “UNDER 4 ONLY” section and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

On our way out, Andrew tried to catch a chameleon he was sure was Pascal from the movie Tangled - thank you Nanny Jenni!

Ready for our respective naps (except for Driver Mark – who is never allowed to rest), the Royans got back in the RV and headed over to Mobile, Alabama to eat lunch at the very popular Felix’s Fish Camp. Andrew woke too suddenly as a steep and bumpy exit bopped his head around and was not in a good mood upon arrival.

Our waitress tried to entertain him with a variety of fun suggestions, but then she dropped an entire cup of honey mustard on Mark as she was clearing the neighboring table. Embarrassed, she called another waitress over to help clean up. Together, the two ladies sponged Mark from head to toe with soda water and cloth napkins. Then Mark discovered that one waitress had some on her shorts as well and he was asked to return the favor. Andrew was finally entertained; albeit by the display that may not have been completely appropriate for his viewing. Lunch at Hooters/Felix’s could continue with a plethora of free side dishes and desserts provided by management. After lunch we retreated to the RV for cold showers and continued to Pensacola, Florida.

Destination – the highly recommended National Naval Aviation Museum. As promised, the place was AMAZING. Andrew loved it so much we decided to set up camp in Pensacola for the night and return the next morning.

The Marine stationed at the check in center took one look at our little man and said “looks like you got yourself one heck of a co-pilot there.” Indeed, sir.

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