Monday, August 2, 2010

On the Boat Again...

Day 17: Monday, August 2, 2010
On the Boat Again...

Taking in all things "Ozark," we were back on the boat again today for more fun in the sun.

First stop was another trip to Gators for some "snacks" and a game of shuffleboard. Against our better judgment, we just couldn't resist the sweet potato fries and onion rings... again... and beer... again.

To work off some of our mounting calories, Jerry and Sue put a beating on us at the shuffleboard table. We maintain that it wasn't really fair because Jer was the designated driver and therefore could better concentrate. Final score... 15 to 9, Royans lose...

For a real lunch (this goes to show how our opinion of real food has been shifted while in Missouri) we cruised over to Buck's Boat House. A super tiny, super delicious 50's style burger joint in a metal shack built around an ice fishing hole. Seriously... we couldn't make this stuff up.

Of course no one was ice fishing today as the weather hit almost one hundred degrees. Here, burgers are served up in wax paper by these two ladies who will get you just about anything you need, except silverware. "You'll have to just use your fingers, honey."

After much too much fried food, we headed back to the house to swim off the dock and take it easy. Andrew made it clear that he was ready to get off the boat.

We are pretty sure our baby hates us for many things, not the least of which is all of the ridiculous gear required for him to have a "good time" on the water. Behold our "vacation baby" - complete with the following:

Life Jacket
Swim Diaper
Swim Shoes
Ear Plugs (thanks to new ear tubes)
Ear Band (to secure ear plugs)
Sun Hat
At least one... and often two... adults holding on to him wherever he goes...

In times like these we wonder if he ever likes being with us at all, or if he would prefer a simple day at Gymboree or the Library to all of this madness? Either way, we've come to the conclusion that he better get used to it - we're not getting any less crazy as the years go by. We love you, little man - bear with us!

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