Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Arrival of August

Day 16: Sunday, August 1, 2010
The Arrival of August

The arrival of August has made it all too clear that this vacation will, eventually, have to come to an end. With two weeks to go, we made it a point to get back on the tourist circuit and see some sites. First stop was to one of our favorite wineries, Casa De Loco, located in a former Sanitarium.

While Grandpa chilled in the car with a sleeping baby, we got down to the business of tasting some delicious wines with April's Mom... and then we ate 3 pizzas.

Apparently with much wine comes silly pictures... These were really meant to show how lost we are without our usual Casa De Loco buddies, Wes and Amber, but they ended up just making us look crazy (like the former residents of this establishment). Wamber... these two glasses were supposed to be for you guys!

Eventually Drew woke up from his van nap and toddled in to check things out. Contrary to popular belief, we discovered that wineries are great for babies. Not only is there lots to touch and see - but also an endless supply of crackers. To be clear - the picture below shows April's wine and Andrew's sippy cup - not the other way around.

After our wine tasting, we headed to Tunnel Dam for some stream splishing and splashing...

After a long day of drinking and swimming (not typically a good combination in the other 49 states, but just the way things are done in Missouri), we headed back to the house for dinner and some much needed sleep. Goodnight Missouri!

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