Friday, August 13, 2010

Camping... When Everyday Pleasures Become a Chore

Day 28: Friday, August 13, 2010
Camping... When Everyday Pleasures Become a Chore

A favorite line of April's Uncle, we've been wanting to use "Camping... When Everyday Pleasures Become a Chore" for a while now. We jest... but Friday the 13th seemed appropriate - as tropical storm rains pounded our little Winnebago at every turn and we headed back to the grind... less than 400 miles away.

The RV affords us a lot of camping luxury, but we still laugh at the extra mile we have to go to just to do simple things "on the road." No dishwasher (except Mark), no oven (just microwave and stove), no laundry (except what we drag in to our friends' and families' houses), etc... More importantly, once we get camp set up and realize we don't have butter, for example, we are stuck using olive oil on raisin bread for breakfast. And we don't have a toaster... so it goes in a pan if you want it toasted.

Physically, the space constraints can be challenging as well. Andrew sleeps in the dinette area of the RV, so once he retires for the night April and Mark have to stay in their "master suite" or creep around quietly to get to anything in the kitchen. During Andrew's waking hours, he is one hundred percent focused on getting into, onto, or around the steering wheel. This means we have to keep a ten foot baby gate at the front of the RV to keep him out of the cab. Don't fool yourself into thinking that's enough - he breaks through it at least once a day because he's smarter than us.

When he can't get past the gate, you can usually find Drew chilling out on the floor - playing or watching Cars, Toy Story, or Bee Movie while he examines maps and plans our route for the next day. Our little navigator has been a big help this trip - especially when navigating tricky intersections.

That being said, we certainly still feel very blessed to have had this family time on the road - and don't want it to come to an end.

Today drove from Live Oak to Hillsboro River State Park in
Thonotosassa, Florida. The place was hoppin' with families that knew how to get their camp on, a plethora of bike and hiking trails, and some seriously cool Florida greenery. Surprisingly, less mosquitoes than that damn Arkansas...

Mark mastered a fabulous T-bone on the grill while Andrew passed out almost immediately after his dinner and a visit to the neighbors' dog. Note: take baby over to meet dog before he eats - not after - dogs like to lick extra food off of babies and babies do not like that.

So, although chores might take much longer on the road, it seems everyday pleasures these days are just hanging out and listening to our little man discover the world around him.

Andrew (from front seat): "Cracker! Cracker!"
April: "Alright, you want a cracker buddy?"
Mark: "I think he actually wants two crackers - he said it twice."
Andrew: "Three crackers!"

We're so proud. Before you know it he'll be counting olives...

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