Monday, July 26, 2010

Mimmy and Pippy

Day 10: Monday, July 26, 2010
Mimmy and Pippy

Take a Florida family and stick them in Michigan for 3 days during a "heat wave" in the high 80s and you'll find that they pretty much have the place to themselves. While everyone else was hiding in the air conditioning and complaining about the "humidity," we were jogging (Mark), opening up all the RV windows (April), and taking Andrew outside like clockwork to explore Mimmy and Pippy's 13 acres of fabulous Midwestern living.

We trekked deep into the wilderness to find the meaning of life, but just ended up arguing about what was, and was not, poison ivy.

Back at the house, Andrew and Freddie the dog have become fast friends... although Andrew is pretty sure he's a horse...

Between huge meals with lots of farm-fresh tomatoes, veggies, and Michigan sweet corn, Andrew has also become quite the expert at peek-a-boo.

Another one of Andrew's favorite new activities is taking the garbage out with Dad. Any time anyone goes near any garage door he screams "Take the garbage out!" just in case there is anyone within earshot that may need something thrown away.

Mimmy and Pippy's house is full of love, delicious food, and some great laughs! And there is always, always happy hour... April took a great pic of Mims in the kitchen earlier in the day but she asked to have it re-taken with her wine - as to not be mis-represented on the web.

Regardless of the fact that we eat them out of house and home and have broken all sorts of things, Mims and Pips don't hesitate to let us know how much we're loved and that we're always welcome to come back, especially if we bring our, as Mims calls him, "little angel." Thanks again Mims and Pips - you're the best!

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