Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hooray for Dollywood

Day 4: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Hooray for Dollywood

Is any summer vacation really complete without a trip to an over-priced, over-heated, over-crowded amusement park? We think not.

We boarded the Pigeon Forge “Fun Time” Trolley and headed for Dollywood today.

From the get-go we just knew we were on the right track when a man on the trolley said he had 2 extra tickets and would be happy to sell them to us for a discount. Immediately labeling him as shady but also wanting the savings, he offered to follow us up to the ticket line to prove they were legit. We were nervous and excited about our “hot deal” and, suddenly... yay.... we were in! Cool man Mark did a handshake pass of the money (Why, we still don't know? So far we are not aware of any state laws banning the purchasing of theme park tickets?) and we proudly trotted away feeling like we really had one up on Miss “9-to-5.”

The weather was hot and sticky and, despite what we all desperately want to believe, one-year-olds do not really understand the difference between a theme park and the real world. Andrew's Dollywood favorites included:

  1. A tire.

  2. A yellow painted street curb.

  3. A door stop.

  4. A cup of ice water and a fascinating straw.

  5. The carousel.

Aside from the carousel I think we could have found most of that entertainment at the local gas station. Nevertheless, we finally made our way to the kiddie park area and had fun exhausting our kid...

Watching Andrew discover new things might just be the best part of any day - especially a vacation day.

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