Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cold, Hard Truth

Day 14: Friday, July 30, 2010
The Cold, Hard Truth

Despite our “he's just teething” comments to everyone that has met Andrew in the past few days, morning brought the sniffles to Mom and Dad as well and we had to admit that we might... and we stress might... have a vacation cold. For the time being, however, we chose to slap the word “allergies” on this experience and forge ahead to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, location of April's parents' (Jerry and Sue) summer house.

We said our goodbyes to April's Grandma and Grandpa and packed our family back into the RV.

With wads of snotty tissues crammed into cup holders we found ourselves cruising through a construction zone in western Illinois when we suddenly lost power in the RV and things came to a gentle slow. Thankfully, we made it about two inches outside of the one-lane construction area before we came to a stop. Inspector Mark and April's Dad Jerry (via phone) assessed the damage and determined that if we could get her started again we'd take our trusty Royan Vehicle to the next town for service. Fortunately she started right up (with the “Check Engine” light on). Once at our service destination we were referred to yet another service stop about two hours south. As we got moving again in the RV the check engine light turned off. Elated, April assumed we were on our way and all was fine and well with the world again. Mark felt differently; he snapped off his magnetic sunglasses, assessed the dashboard and stated, “Don't you know anything about electronics? No engine light is even worse! At least when it was on before I knew there was a problem! Now no light! No problem? I don't think so! This is even worse!”

At this very moment one of our lamps fell right off the RV wall...

There are no pictures from this time, for it was very dark... literally.

The sweet musical renderings of Jimmy Buffet pulled us out of our funk as we drove through Mexico, Missouri to the appropriate tune of Mexico... April took to busting a move and Mark and Andrew waved their arms around and danced as best they could from the front seats.

Oooh, Mexico

It sounds so simple

I just got to go

The sun's so hot

I forgot to go home

I guess I'll have to go now...

Another screening of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 transpired and we arrived in one piece in Greenview, Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Frequent partiers might best know Lake of the Ozarks for the famous Party Cove... but we won't be going there (at least not on this visit... we would need April's sister with us to pull off that sort of partying feat).

Sue greeted us with a welcome offering of cold beers, homemade dishes and best of all - fresh ideas for baby entertainment. First on the list was introducing Andrew to his new life jacket. He wasn't very in to the idea so Dad tried it on first to show that it's not so scary. Once we pried the jacket off of Dad and got it on to the baby we walked him around the boat so he could get the feel of things on the water. Andrew of course went right for the steering wheel!

April's old high chair was brought out, dusted off and provided a perfect perch for Andrew to reek havoc on all that was edible.

He also discovered that whenever he said "Apple Pie" and raised his arms he could get us to do the same - so this went on for several hysterical minutes...

Then straight to Grandma's big bathtub...

Once the baby was fast asleep, we collected on the screen porch to listen to the boats pass by and the crickets sing. Sue who is usually cut off from all things technology while at the Lake also got her first look at the blog. Nothing better than summer at the Lake!

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